Biology A level Student Revision Conferences

Spring term AQA  A  Level Biology Student Revision Conferences.

The conferences will be led by Michael Brown, Harjit Singh and a team of presenters who have extensive experience of teaching and assessment. The emphasis of the day will be on examination technique. 

Note that AS students can attend the day as the examination techniques are common to AS and A level students, even though the contexts may be different.

All students will receive a pack of notes to help with their learning and planned revision.
Accompanying teachers will also be emailed a set of notes to further help classroom revision.

Course fee: £20 (+VAT) per head. Accompanying staff FREE OF CHARGE

AQA A Level Biology Revision Conference

Manchester- Thursday 22nd March 2018 (10.30-3.30)

London- Friday 16th March 2018 (11.00-3.45)


Session 1:Control of blood and water potential- excretion of waste material; controlling blood water potential; relating key concepts to exam questions
Session 2: Photosynthesis- links to AS studies; key points from light dependent & independent reactions; looking at typical exam questions and how to gain full marks
Session 3: Mass transport in plants; cohesion tension and mass transport; interpreting evidence from experiment
Session 4: Respiration- understanding the key points of aerobic and anaerobic respiration; applying knowledge to a range of data handling questions
Session 5: Proteinsynthesis-transcription and translation; what are mutations?What do we need to recall from Year 12? Data handling questions
Session 6: Synoptic skills-practicing a range of synoptic questions & tackling the essay
Day ends