Our Apps

Our new A Level Revision apps will be available  from the App Store in the Autumn term.

We can highly recommend the following Apps to help schools with their OFSTED inspections.

The School Leaders Guide to Inspection    (Apple) £2.99

School Leaders and Inspection   (Android) £2.99

“A valuable guide to help school leadership teams and Governore with the OFSTED New Common Inspection Fremawork.”


Everyman’s Guide to Inspection    (Apple or Android)  £1.99

“A really useful guide to the OFSTED New Common Inspection Fremawork for staff, governors and parents.”


Thinking of buying a bespoke App for your school ?

We can make a personalised app for your school so you can instantly message your parents and save you thousands on printing and stationery.

It’s free for all your school commnity to use.  The school pays for a 2 year contract  (less than £9 a week!) 

Lots of savings in time as instant messages mean that you avoid endless hours of manning the ‘phone to answer queries re sports day being cancelled etc.,  In the event of a school trip being late or a sudden school closure you can instantly contact your parents and carers. Lots of other features as well; a fantastic way to share news, events, photos and  reminders as well as knowing that pupil post will be a thing of the past with no more  letters dropped in cloakrooms  or left in school bags!

So  much more efficient. so green, so much better than you imagined! Parents love it. Take a closer look? Go to the App Store and download Sherwood School App….it’s free!

Contact us for further information or for testimonials:  les@educ8apps.co

So simple to use, so effective, so popular, so much to save!