Mathematical skill, Fieldwork and NEA

Course Date & Venue:London, Tuesday 6th February, 2018.

Course features
Students of the new A level specification will have to be competent in two generic areas of study-mathematical skills in a geographical context, and fieldwork for the AS examination and the independent investigation (NEA) at A level. The course will concentrate on these two aspects, taking half a day to examine each. David Redfern will examine the requirements that will need to be delivered and provide exemplar materials.


9.45am Coffee and registration

10.00am Number and Measure
How to get students to appreciate, and complete, the interpretation of number.Measures of inequality- the Gini coefficient

11.00am Morning break

11.15am Statistical methods
To include measures of central tendency; dispersion and deviation; correlation and other widely used techniques such as chi-squared, Students T test and Mann Whitney U test.

12.30pm Lunch

1.30pm Skills and fieldwork assessment at AS
The requirements of fieldwork assessment for Paper 2 of the AS examination.
Exemplar skills activities to prepare students for this paper
Exemplar answers of the AS fieldwork assessment.

2.30pm The Non-Examination Assessment (NEA)- the independent investigation
Requirements of the A level fieldwork assessment
Possible themes/titles
Some examples of partially completed investigations will be tabled
Discussion on all of the above

3.45pm Day ends